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About John Lehe

Lead Investigator/Principal

Veteran Mentor Coordinator

Anchorage Veterans Court

John mentored and advocated for U.S. Military Veterans who faced criminal charges and had issues regarding PTSD and/or drug/alcohol addiction.
The Anchorage Veterans Court is a wellness court which allows veterans to participate in a court imposed treatment program, including classes to help them with their problems, and to mitigate the sentencing portion of their case. If the veteran successfully passes all of the court ordered requirements, and completes this program, the presiding judge can reduce or dismiss their final sentence or charges.

The Anchorage Veterans Court provides veterans who have faithfully served our country with a second chance at life, free of addiction, and provides them with services and programs to address outstanding mental health issues.

John personally mentored veterans through the successful completion of the program and advocate for them during staff meetings and hearings.

Fraud Investigator

Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc.
As a Fraud Investigator in the Fraud Control Unit, John was responsible for investigating and prosecuting fraud complaints.

John’s job duties included: collecting and documenting evidence to substantiate fraudulent activities, preparing and processing cases for Intentional Program Violation Disqualifications, Administrative Disqualification Hearings or Criminal Prosecution, as warranted.

As a Fraud Investigator, John attended Wicklander-Zulawski’s advanced training in Criminal Interview and Interrogation techniques including behavioral analysis to determine deception during the interview process.

The Fraud Unit is involved in the detection, elimination and prosecution of those who fraudulently obtain or attempt to obtain government benefits.

Legal Investigator

Tindall Bennett & Shoup,P.C.
John was employed by the law firm of Tindall Bennett & Shoup, P.C., as a Legal Investigator. This firm had a diversified practice including employment law, criminal law, civil litigation, domestic matters, personal injury and products liability, and it also assisted clients with business transactions.

In employment law cases, John investigated wrongful terminations, discipline, FLSA, FMLA, ADA and discrimination claims. Part of my duties included analyzing and investigating wage and hour violations involving exempt and non-exempt employees. He also performed HR investigations for a major client dealing with complaints of harassment, discrimination, disparate treatment, retaliation, and management complaints.

John worked in all areas of the practice performing detailed factual investigations, advanced research, documents analysis, report writing, and witness interviews. He performed detailed background investigations and compiled evidence for trials. He was also tasked with paralegal duties including discovery, disclosures and an array of related functions.

Owner/ Chief Investigator

Stealth Group Investigative Specialists, LLC
A private investigation business John personally formed that specialized in cases dealing with suspected fraud, embezzlement, theft, and suspicious insurance claims. John had a staff of 3 investigators, a research analyst, and an office manager.

The business performed covert surveillance operations utilizing high tech covert video cameras installed in businesses, dealing with employee theft and embezzlement. Also performed very detailed background investigations on insurance claimants, activity checks and mobile surveillance.

SGIS had business contracts to perform high volume pre-employment background checks. The business also handled large collection matters and located nationwide hidden bank/ stock accounts, assets and current employment.

SGIS was featured on Channel 11, KTVA News, the Alaska Business Monthly Magazine, and the Anchorage Daily News. SGIS was the first private investigation business in Alaska that to offer nationwide informational database access, and high tech covert surveillance capabilities. John Lehe was referred to as the “Computer Sleuth” by Alaska Business Monthly Magazine.

Intelligence Analyst

United States Marine Corps Forces Central Command
At the United States Central Command Headquarters, Center of U.S. Counter Terrorism Operations, John was assigned to the J-2 Counterintelligence section as an analyst.

John reviewed, and analyzed sensitive, compartmented, top secret intelligence, worked on contingency planning and performed country studies, extensive research; including the compilation of biographical data on foreign persons of interest.

He held a Top Secret Clearance, based on an SBI (Special Background Investigation) performed by the OPM (Office of Personnel Management). John drafted weekly intelligence reports, and participated in intelligence briefings.

John was also assigned to work as a middle-eastern analyst prior to, during and after the terrorist attack on U.S. Marines, on October 23, 1983, in Beirut Lebanon when 240 Marines were killed by a terrorist bombing attack on their barracks. He received three meritorious promotions during his service in the USMC.