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Anchorage Private Investigator Services

Intel Analytics, LLC is a full-service agency offering investigation services in the following areas:
• Civil and Criminal;
• Personal Injuries;
• Missing Persons and Witness Locates;
• Witness Cultivation and Interviews;
• Recorded Statements;
• Insurance Fraud;
• Embezzlement;
• Internal Investigations
• HR Complaints including Whistleblower, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, disparate treatment, etc. that fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act;
• Wage & Hour Violations under FLSA, and Alaska Statutes;
• Wrongful Terminations;
• Constructive Discharge;
• Employment cases under ERISA, FMLA, FLSA, and Alaska Statutes;
• Detailed Background Checks using National Databases, Advanced Internet Research and Social Media resources;
• Pre-employment;
• Impeachment Evidence on Experts.